Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't play it again Sam, I need to forget how it goes


Its been a very long time since I have posted on this baby. Livejournal and real life have eaten into my time for blogging here.

Also, I was having some kind of crisis or to be more precise crises that were occupying my time. The time however, has come for me to change my ways. So in order to immortalise this decision I choose to write this here.

So here's to a new year, and a new attitude... I've traversed the 2009/2010 bridge more than a little worse for wear, I lost somebody very, very close to me. In fact they were the closest person I have ever been to or trusted. I went through my grieving/bitter/vitriolic phase, so yay for that cesspit of bile being over... I'm still mad at the world but it's now containable and shoved away in the back of the store-room that is my brain.

In the interests of embracing this crazy mixed up rollercoaster ride called life, I am getting rid of all my hangups or at least trying to, starting with the way I have viewed and treated the men I've been attracted to in my life.

No more emotional fuckwits (EFs), commitment phobes or pansy-ass pansies. And from me, no more unrealistic expectations and incessant, unhelpful neurotic nitpicking. I definitely don't want to be a spinster or a crazier person than I already am.

Professionally speaking, I'm going to write the dreaded conversions from English law to ZW law. See where that takes me, hey!?

I now have steady, constant and dependable internet access so I'm pretty excited about this new stage of the blogging relationship. I do have to go and pretend to work right now however, so bye for now.

xx Dulce

P.S. LOST, 24 and HEROES are OVER! What a crazy decade or so it has been hey!?

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