Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fun facts about wasps

September 12 2006

So the bitterness train's in town and I'm hitching a ride, full speed ahead to Acrimony Central, choo choo!

Okay, so what am I bitching about now? Hmm... well, in the classic formula that has been my adult life, one thing looks like it's going well so naturally every single other thing falls apart! And this is not just a little speedbumb it's a huge muthaf---ing whale in the middle of the road that just so happens to be up a winding moutain and the only way around the wall is to fall off the mountain into the awaiting chasm or somehow become Ethan Hunt a la Mission Impossible and scale the rock wall. In conclusion, I'm going to have to hack my way through the whale and hopefully come out bloodied but breathing on the other side. - Dramatic much? No not really this is my current issues in a nutshell. Man I love my life! OKAY sarcasm aside, it's not so bad, I could have no rythm, be ignorant, boring and the most exciting thing that could happen to me would be is a strange man approaching me on the street asking me for directions, and *gasp* he could look like an Arab/ terrorist whatever, same thing right? (Hey you always gotta look on the Bright Side of Life - as my friends from Monty Python once sang). Sorry but it kinda pisses me off how all Arabs = terrorists/muslim you know there are some Christian Arabs out there right!? (And non-fundamentalist muslim Arabs as well as non-fundamentalist Muslims)

Anyhoo, back to me! I haven't posted in a while because I have been so busy trying to keep my shit together (I'm supposed to move house in two days and I have yet to find a suitable place)! I have two jobs, one that I hate and am quitting within the month and another which I am growing to love but is uncertain. Hmm... did I mention I've enrolled for language courses for THREE different languages? No? I can't imagine why, I'm not stressed!!! WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU THINK I WAS WIGGING OUT?!???

Hmm let's talk about something neutral like my current playlist... I'm listening to a lot of Jurassic5, Talib Kweli (in Swahili that means 'real truth' or 'true knowledge'), Tupac (the lyrical shit "I ain't mad at cha", "Until the End of Time", "Hellraiser", "Picture Me Rolling", "Life Goes On", "Me Against the World", "Krazy" & "Hail Mary" and one of my all time favorites "Do For Love", "Happy Home" & "In the Air Tonight"), Saïan Supa Crew (A Demi Nue), The Game ("Dreams"), Jay-Z ("Song Cry"), Notorious BIG ("Juicy", "Sky's the Limit", "One More Chance"), Nas ("One Mic", "If I Ruled the World"), Big Pun ("It's So Hard"- I love, love this song), Ludacris ("When We Were Kids"), Styles P ft Pharoahe Monch ("My Life") and Dilated Peoples (pretty much the entire first and second album), Snoop Doggy Dogg ("Doggystle"- album, my very first rap album ever). Oh and let's not forget the really depressed points of my week where I come home and listen to anything and everything Evanescence ever made.

Enough about me and my bitterness, peace I'm out

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