Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Tale of Two Personalities

October 19

Okay the title absolutely makes no sense or has any relevance to my entry tonight, I guess I was just so frakking inspired by TPTB and the Season 3 premiere of LOST that I though't I'd take a page out of their book.
Seriously though folks, read the recap in the link above it's absolutely hilarious.

Anyhoo, moving onwards and upwards... I just spoke to an ex tonight and no not the one who at the very thought of him or his face; causes my insides to rise up in revolt and a (doomed to fail ) escape attempt out of my body.
It's strange how the human mind plays tricks on us and we forget all the bad things that happened or were said or both; and we're back to reminscing sometime. I think it's a good thing as long as you don't get yourself too close to the fire to get burned again. Hmm note to self, don't give ex-boyfriends no matter how hot and charming they were, your msn space address. Why? Because it hinders my ability to be as candid as I like on my own damn blog. Now I'm gonna have to watch what I say even more, solicitor to be that I am, something tells me lawsuits for defamation and slander will.not.look.good.on.the.resumé. Just a thought.

Just to say, sorry it's been so long since I've posted on here, I know how much all y'all out there check this site every day and email me hundreds of letters begging me for the next exciting rant. What can I say, I aim to please?

So Madonna adopted a baby boy from Malawi, hey? What can I say? A whole lot actually, but I can't be bothered; from what I see in the media everyone's panties are in a wad about it. I understand why so all I'm going to say is this. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. She may have intended well but now all it looks like is an attempt to be on Newsweek's People of the Year article. Or was it TIME? You know the one that had Brangelina and their rainbow family on it? Is it just me or is adopting a baby from some 3rd world country the new black this season? I'm not being mean here, but it's like; people used to say, "Gucci. Milan." Now it's going to be; "Boy. Mongolia." and "Girl. Ethiopia."

As far as hateration goes, I can't hate too much if it means these children are going to grow up with better lives. But the way it is all being handled... STINKS.

And y'all were thinking I'd lost my ranting touch! Doubting Thomases.

I was talking about exes earlier right? So where was I? Oh yes, I had a long conversation with an ex it was all good but after the conversation ended I wondered why it happened in the first place. And the things I said! Holy crap. Looks to me like my jaw needs a little more iron Fahed. (He knows what I mean).

And on that note, I'm out. I have to go to work tomorrow. I had an allergic reaction to pork last night and the frigging thing lasted all day, my voice is back, my throat isn't swollen anymore but my glands still feel like they have chilli in them.

See I'm not a drama queen, I just have allergies.

Peace I'm out.

Oh P.s. my title did have some relevance actually... I was just so intrigued by my dual personalities after my ex-convo that it inspired me to post. What do I mean? Well, there's the girl who's all like "whatever". Then there's the girl that's like, "That was a nice conversation, he's such a decent person and we did have good times together, I think I should make sure we try to stay in touch and friends" - y'all can see where this is going right?- then I start to imagine some montage with some crappy 80s music where we become like BFF and we attend one another's weddings and nobody understands how it happened.

Then I get distracted by this wedding image and I start to think of the movie My Best Friend's Wedding and the scene where Julia Roberts falls off the bed when her BFF tells her he's getting married. Then suddenly, a fat lady that sang, let's say Mama Cass cause I liked the Mamas and the Papas, rises from the grave and slaps me hard before she starts singing California Dreaming acappella. She's dead she can do anything okay. And I'm all like, "Oh shit." Then the other me - whatever me - is all like, "I pity the fool." And then this other me is all sheepish and has to go find some poor man to belittle and mock in order for all to be right with the world again.

So in conclusion, talking to your ex when you're tired and weak from the drugs is bad for your health. Do I regret it or wish I wouldn't? HELL NO. Okay that emphatic response has seriously confused me, so I'm going to bed and hopefully someone will give me a partial lobotomy to help me forget all the mental upheaval that has occurred here tonight... Hmm.

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