Sunday, September 16, 2007


July 28 2006

So I went out for dinner tonight with two of my favorite people, I had a blast and we talked and ate and drank in this quaint Italian restaurant until the place was close to shutting. I won't say more about these people except that I feel very comfortable around them and look forward to meeting up with either/or both of them whenever, wherever.

They. are. that. cool. --> It also helps that we've known each other since I was a tween-ager! Well I've known one of them since then and the other was just the subject of my, quite frankly, very chaste tween - teenage girl fantasies. Which kinda went like this, "Oh My God its ---- 's Older Brother! He is so hot and tortured (which he later told me = stoned. As in that's what he was, most of the times I was thinking he was a modern day Lord Byron/Kurt Kobain. I know, crazy hey! Don't you miss those days? The innocence, the naiveté! Alas!!!)

Anyhoo, I had an epiphany on the fickleness of friendships; more like a snide observation but you say potato, I say poh-tay-to! So here's my theory, most "friends" are only interested in you the way people are interested in today's hottest celebrity. The fact that other people are monopolizing your social life, and think you're great, makes for good publicity and everyone wants to go for a ride on the new pony du jour.

The minute the media frenzy (the people who think you're their new BFF) dies down which is usually after the 15 minutes of fame are over... they don't want to know you. Which is fine for you too because the lustre has worn off and they aren't as great and flawless as you thought. That said, what the hell, I miss 'those' friends, which I have had PLENTY off over the years.

I've had a few glasses of Pinot Grigiot so forgive my foray into dangerous personal emotional territory. But the fact is I miss those people, although we have long outlived the usefulness quota in each other's lives, there's nothing like a few glasses of wine to have you reminscing and wishing for a few minutes, hours (however long it takes for the alcohol to wear off) that you weren't so finicky or self-preserving and those good ol' days when the honeymoon was just beginning were happening now.

Okay I just spent ten minutes looking for my purse which was right next to me all along. I think I will end this before I embarass myself further.

Before I go I just have a few things to say:
1. I can't believe my Mom has a better social life than me.
2. I miss my ol' fickle friends because quite frankly we had some DAMN GOOD times.
3. CANADA ROCKS and I miss it SO MUCH!! -- AND all the good people I know that are in it.

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